Skullsville breaking news newsletter
Skullsville breaking news newsletter

Skull Beads! What a great start to creating beautiful products! Have you tried our "Rosie," "Holy Terror," "Fang" and "Mega-mind" skull beads yet? They each have so much to say without saying a word. Give them a try in your next project and make your statement!

Skull beads

  • NEW! ~ Our new Skull Coin Pendant / Charms are now available in our Paracord Ward. Be forewarned! These incredible coins are not appropriate for everyone, but if harsh language doesn't offend you, you're going to love them!

  • NEW! ~ We just added Mini Paracord Bracelet Buckles to our Paracord Ward. Measuring in at only 28mm by 11mm, these little buckles have a big 6mm stringing hole that easily accommodates 2 strands of 550 paracord. These are great for making smaller bracelets as well as other smaller items. Check them out and grab your free sample!

  • NEW! ~ We also just added 3/8" paracord bracelet buckles! If you've never made a paracord bracelet before, perhaps it's time you give it a try. See them in our Paracord Ward.

  • NEW! ~ The Peace Sliders are in! They make a most excellent addition to paracord bracelets and are great for other assorted jewelry creations as well. You can see them on our Peace Beads & Charms page.

  • Coming soon! ~ "Monkey Skull" Skull Beads! They're on their way! They should be available before our next newsletter, so stop by The Morgue to see when they have arrived.

  • As I mentioned before, our Limited Edition "Diablo Rojo" Skull Beads are sold out and gone forever. The good news is that our new "Beelzebub" beads are being carved at this very moment! They are being sculpted out of beautiful sabo wood, the same wood you see so many (ear) plugs made out of. We are also getting them carved in arang wood, which is also commonly used in the making of (ear) plugs. They both should be available any day now so stop on by and visit The Morgue to check out our latest arrivals!

  • Did you miss Black Friday? Did Cyber Monday come and go while you were blinking? Say hello to SkullsvilleUSA's Discount December! To our customers in the USA ~ If you order $25.00 or more, we will give you free shipping. If you order $100.00 or more, we will give you free shipping and a 10% discount. If you order $200.00 or more, we will give you free shipping and a big 20% discount! Not in the USA? For our customers around the world, order $25.00 or more and we will give you 50% off your shipping costs. We will also give you a 10% discount on orders over $100.00 and a 20% discount on orders over $200.00 (as well as your 50% shipping discount). We work on a very small profit margin so this is really a special deal and one we probably will not repeat anytime soon.

    Simply place your order via our Skullsville Shopping Casket and where it says "Promo Code" enter "SDD-2015" If you do not wish to use our Skullsville Shopping Casket, you can order via the PayPal Cart (and the pointing skulls). Just add a note including "SDD-2015" with your PayPal payment and we will refund you your discounts. This offer expires January 3, 2016 and is being offered only to our Newsletter subscribers! Happy New Year!!!

  • SkullsvilleusaThank you for your continued support!