Skullsville breaking news newsletter
Skullsville breaking news newsletter

Have you seen our new Villainous Skull Sliders? These little gems are HOT! Turn an average paracord bracelet into something really special. Check 'em out! They're in our Paracord Ward. Be sure to check out our New Product Special on this item too! It's a limited time offer!
Villainous skull sliders

  • Our exclusive Antiqued Water Buffalo Bone Skull Beads and our Antiqued Water Buffalo Bone Vampire Skull Beads are back in stock! This time they arrived with a lighter antiquing so we have added them as a new item. Early next year we should have the darker versions again. Don't miss out on the light ones! You might even like them better! ~ The Black Buffalo Horn Skull Beads that are currently out of stock should be available again before the end of the month!

  • Our new Inspirations & Motivations page is now online. As time goes on we will of course be adding more to this section but you can see what we have so far here:

  • NEW! ~ We now have Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet Buckles. They have a whistle too! You can check them out in our Paracord Ward. Be watching for plain paracord bracelet buckles as well. They're on their way!

  • NEW! ~ For our paracord bracelet charm customers, we have a blank template for you in our Paracord Ward. You can download them for free in several different file formats!

  • Did you know that we are on Tumblr and Pinterest? Our Tumblr has been there a while but our Pinterest is rather new. Visit us there and follow us! You'll see all sorts of things. We've got girls, ghouls, ghosts, skulls, skeletons, scary stuff, beads, bones, bugs, zombies, monsters, tattoos, fashion, art, jewelry, oddities, and other thought provoking matter. ~

  • Coming soon! ~ More lobster claws in different styles, paracord bracelet buckles, acrylic skull beads in new colors, charms, exclusive individually hand carved wooden skull beads and more! Stay tuned and tell a friend!

  • Loyal newsletter customers! Is it time for another free shipping offer? Let's do it! Order $25.00 of products or more and receive free shipping! Instant orders placed via PayPal will have their shipping fees refunded to them. Just include a note with your order using Promo Code "NLFS 11-2015" OR order via our Skullsville Shopping Casket and enter "NLFS 11-2015" where it says Promo Code. This offer expires November 22, 2015 and is being offered only to our newsletter subscribers!

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